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Project Assignment 1 - 2006 Session

The Assignment

Due in class Thursday 9 Feb, Project students only

Your task is to write a lisp (scheme) program that takes a list of words (represented as symbols, not strings) and performs some sort of interesting transformation on it by swapping words, inserting words, replacing words, etc. There are many specific tasks that your program could perform, many of which would have an almost identical general structure:

==> (you are going to your school today)}}}

==> (why are you going to your school today)}}}

==> (+ 3 (- 5 4)) }}}

If you finish this basic functionality, and want some additional ways to extend your project, here are some ideas:


If you get stuck with syntax or "how to do things" along the way, there is an excellent Scheme tutorial that I've found very helpful called Teach yourself Scheme in fixnum days. There are also even more resources available for you in ReadingRoom/SchemeResources page. If you still can't figure out what you need or just want more human help, come talk to Sean.

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