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This was the syllabus in Spring 2006 and has been superceded by the CourseSyllabus, to which it bears more than a passing resemblance....


Clearly this page needs to be split into pieces and made more functional. Feel free to do so, but please don't lose information.

Who/What/Where etc.

This course is Foundations of Computer Science. It is a 6 credit course offered Fall 2004 at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. A 4 credit option is also available; students enrolled in the 4 credit version are excused from certain specified portions of the assignments and from certain specified sessions.

The course is taught by Professor Lynn Andrea Stein. Lynn can often be found in her lab (AC312) or office (OC358); at x2525; online at las@olin; or on AIM (screen name available on request or ask around the dorms; I'd rather it not be posted to the web, please!)

We meet Mondays and Thursdays 10-11:50 in AC318.

This syllabus is way more bureaucratic and official-sounding (not to mention officious) than the rest of the class will be. I thought I'd get it all out of my system at once....

Course and Learning Objectives

This section covers some of the things you should expect to get out of this course. It's going to start out as a hodgepodge of Olin Competencies, CS "standard" topics (drawn from CC2001 and ABET's CAC, among other places), and my own personal ideas about what's important and what we'll be doing this semester. Eventually, it will be nicely sorted and coherent. Or not.

Course Expectations

These are the rules. Know them. Don't break them. If you have a problem with them, discuss it with me. They are here to protect both of us. If they're not doing that job, we need to rethink them, but don't ignore them and expect that it will all be OK.

I will make every attempt to give solid mid-term feedback on or before the 33d day of instruction (March 10).


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