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Allen Downey sat through innumerable sessions of my wrestling with this material and still managed to provide invariably sage advice. He and Mark Sheldon then bravely took over the course when I was otherwise occupied and made dramatic improvements. I have not learned enough from them.

Katie Rivard did everything I asked of her and then did three times as much. Anything that actually works in this course is to her credit; anything that's broken is in spite of her best efforts to manage me and entirely my fault. Sean McBride and Rob Quimby tried to fix things for the next offering, though I invariably got in their way.

A lot of Olin students lived through a first version of the course. Some of them even enjoyed it. All of them gave valuable feedback.

The entire CS education community has developed a wealth of resources on top of and out of which this course is built.

Olin provides an incredible opportunity for experiments such as this one. Its students keep it real.

Thanks to everyone.

2013-07-17 10:42