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This is actually two emails:


Apologies for the late notice (for not a change...sigh):

  1. The WrittenAssignment1 pset (WrittenAssignment1) is now complete, but it hasn't otherwise changed. I will add a couple of help-you-learn questions, but the only officially required problem is the one that has been there since last week.

  2. (ProjectAssignment1) Web crawler: If you are having trouble with this, don't worry. DO know where you're stuck and why. We will discuss in class tomorrow.

  3. I will be in AC312 from 3-5 (and likely before/after) today. Feel free to drop by for advice/assistance. NB: I have one commitment during this time that may require me to leave temporarily, but it may also not.

NB: NB means nota bene, or note well.


I updated the FOCS project page (ProjectAssignment1), trying to address some things that people told me were unclear. In addition, since next week's project is an extension of this week's and lots of people were having issues with this week's assignment, DO NOT sweat it if you don't have this week's work done (especially if you spent a reasonable amount of time thinking about it trying/to figure it out....). You SHOULD come to project with your work (at least electronically, preferably also printed out) AND a clear understanding of why/where you wedged, if you did wedge. We'll talk some about it tomorrow and continue to improve your understanding and my ability to communicate coherently. Hopefully we'll meet somewhere in the middle.

I know that this is still early for Olin students, but this message may be proof of why I should not be permitted access to the net after a certain hour of the evening....

2013-07-17 10:42