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Friend of a Friend

intro-level stuff

  1. Coded wget using httplib, sys, and re

  2. Counted all instances of "<knows>" as an approximation of people person knows(inaccurate, as the knows tag can also belong to a particular person he knows, instead of to him. Not the same thing. But close)

  3. Used xml.parsers.expat to "parse" xml file.

    • Turned up a BUNCH of empty "data" fields, probably due to the heavy nesting you get in foaf files?
    • Incidentally, expat is used in RL: http://rdfweb.org/pipermail/rdfweb-dev/2004-June/013323.html

      • Also from that discussion: These folks are using PHP, and talking pretty seriously about it. Wonders as to the speed comparison vs python?

  4. Google-searched for a python rdf parser, came up with a buncha stuff.
    1. http://infomesh.net/2003/rdfparser/ and the rdfxml module is small and snappy -- all it does is extract triples, which you can put into whatever data structure you like(convenient).

Filtering and searching


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