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Here is the scheme code for the interpreter:

(define interpret
  ((lambda (table)   ;; Where the lookup table is
     (lambda (prog)     ;; The actual lambda bound to interpret
       (if (number? prog)    ;; Case by case, how to interpret prog...
           (if (boolean? prog)
               (if (symbol? prog)
                   (lookup prog table)
                   (if (null? prog)
                       (if (pair? prog)  ;; pair? means built of cons cells
                           (if (definition? prog)
                               (add-definition! (def-name prog) ;; magic
                                                (interpret (def-val prog))
                               (if (conditional? prog)
                                   (interpret-conditional (unless-pred prog)
                                                          (unless-then prog)
                                                          (unless-else prog))
                                   (do-application (interpret (operator prog))
                                                   (interpret-list (op-args prog)))
     (list (list 'NIL null) (list 'GT >) (list 'LT <) (list 'SAME eqv?) (list 'TRUTH true) (list 'LIE false) (list 'PLUS +) (list 'SUB -) (list 'MUL *) (list 'DIV /) (list 'ONE 1) (list 'TWO 2) (list 'THREE 3))))

(define operator first)
(define op-args rest)

(define definition?
  (lambda (prog)
    (eq? (first prog) 'DEF)))
(define def-name second)
(define dev-val third)

(define conditional?
  (lambda (prog)
    (eq? (first prog) 'UNLESS)))
(define unless-pred second)
(define unless-then third)
(define unless-else
  (lambda (prog)
    (if (< (length prog) 4)
        (fourth prog))))

(define add-definition!
  (lambda (sym val table)
    (set-cdr! table (cons (list sym val) (cdr table)))
    (display sym)
    (display " defined\n")))

(define interpret-conditional
  (lambda (pred then else)
    (if (interpret pred)
        (interpret else)
        (interpret then))))

(define do-application
  (lambda (proc args)
    (if (primitive? proc)
        (apply proc args)
        (print "lambda not yet implemented"))))

(define lookup
  (lambda (val table)
;;    (display "looking up ")
;;    (display val)
;;    (display " in ")
;;    (display table)
;;    (newline)
    (if (null? table)
        (if (null? (first table))
            (if (eq? val (first (first table)))
                (second (first table))
                (lookup val (rest table)))))))

(define interpret-list
  (lambda (lst)
    (map interpret lst)))

Also, we changed two procedures to make this an infix language (ie., one where the operator goes in the middle):

(define operator second)

(define op-args
  (lambda (prog)
    (cons (car prog)
          (cddr prog))))

2013-07-17 10:43