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Notes for Lecture 3 - Friday September 10th, 2004

Problem set due Tuesday

Problem set is up(linked from StudentFrontPage). There is a new question to turn in. The problem set is not quite complete yet -- there will be a few more questions(hopefully by midnight tonight).


  1. Abstract Data Types - from Computer Algorithms

  2. Orders of growth - from Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis

  3. Quick page on scheme - from The schematics of computation

  4. Essay "Revenge of the Nerds" on Lisp, by Paul Graham - from teh intarnet (google Paul Graham)

Chris made a Clicker without needing java applets

Isn't that cool? We all love clicker. You can find it at http://lemming.research.olin.edu/clicker/

More Scheme!

For next time

  1. Read the Paul Graham essay
  2. If you like, read the other stuff, but it's not required.
  3. Do WrittenAssignment1

  4. Continue acquiring textbooks

Questions Lynn needs to remember to ask

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