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This is the last project assignment for the course. We will meet 11/30 and then 12/14 -- the final day of class -- so there's not much more project left. The final topic for project is graph algorithms, but we won't cover these in class until 11/30. Your choices at the moment are:

You are expected to produce one more significant piece of work by the end of the semester. If you have a project that is crying out for you, by all means pursue it. If not, the first bullet above is the suggested graph algorithm project, but you will likely not actually program the graph manipulation piece until December. The part that makes sense to work on now is data extraction. The TM programming project (second bullet) is a reasonable alternative.

Finally, you should plan to put at least one assignment from FOCS Project into your portfolio. Now would be a reasonable time to investigate the portfolio system (if you haven't already) and to select an assignment for inclusion. That way, if you want to tweak it a bit more before you put it in, you have some time. (You are welcome to include more than one assignment, of course!)

Please turn in:

Everything is due by 5pm Tuesday 14 December. Thanks!!

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