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We covered deterministic and nondeterministic finite state machines in class on 24 September (see NotesSeptember24). This material is included in WrittenAssignment2. Class on 28 September and 1 October covered regular expressions and the pumping lemma (presumably included in NotesSeptember28 and NotesOctober1); that material will be included in the first exam but is not on the problem set.

Readings from Course Texts

The following texts are available in the library and have been purchased by students in this class. Almost any theory of computation book will cover this material, but the chapter numbers presumably won't match. You are also welcome to use other resources -- including those web resources listed below -- instead or as supplement. Please let us know (e.g., by wiki-fying your comments) if you find something particularly helpful!

Note that each of these books contains an introductory chapter that covers the mathematical notation and foundations used later in the book. (Interesting puzzle: How does Sipser manage this when FSMs are chapter 1?)

Online resources

This list is not as well triaged as it might be, so please feel free to add comments or rearrange as you find things (un)helpful.

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