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Random musings moved from elsewhere.

(To do internal linking, I think your best bet is to harvest them off of the Table of contents, eg Actual Assignment. Sort of gross, but it works. Unfortunately, it shows up as an external link. Seems like there should be some other syntax, like WrittenAssignment1:Actual Assignment or something, but I can't find anything in the help that talks about it. -- Drew


I really wish that mzscheme had a command history

So I got really tired of retyping my commands. In order to enable command history just type this in your session

(require (lib "rep.ss" "readline"))

If you run linux you can create a file (~/.mzscheme) and put this line of code in it and it will automatically be loaded at startup. Happy hacking.

I really wish that you could put inline LaTeX and images in HTML

With all the math stuff we are putting in, it would save a lot of pain.

2013-07-17 10:43