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This page is scratch space that may eventually turn into the formal course policy documentation. If/when that happens, though, the text will be moved to a place whose name makes it sound more official. Like ActualSyllabus. Promise.

Guess that means it's not formal course policy yet...

Hmmm...Handing something out on the first day makes it kind-of official, so I'd guess that this is now policy of a sort. Of course, what was HandedOutOnTheFirstDay differs from what's here already....


Clearly this page needs to be split into pieces and made more functional. Feel free to do so, but please don't lose information.

See also: FirstWeek, CourseTopics, TextbookPolicy, CourseLinks

Who/What/Where etc.

This course is Foundations of Computer Science. It is a 6 credit course offered Fall 2004 at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. A 4 credit option is also available; students enrolled in the 4 credit version are excused from certain specified portions of the assignments and from certain specified sessions.

The course is taught by Professor Lynn Andrea Stein. Lynn can often be found in her lab (AC312) or office (OC358); at x2525; online at las@olin; or on AIM (screen name available on request or ask around the dorms; I'd rather it not be posted to the web, please!)

We meet Tuesdays 10-12:50 and Fridays 10-11:50 in AC318. (4u students meet only 10-11:50 both Tues and Fri.) We may renegotiate meeting time somewhat, but it will be a subset of these hours.

This syllabus is way more bureaucratic and official-sounding (not to mention officious) than the rest of the class will be. I thought I'd get it all out of my system at once....

Course and Learning Objectives

This section covers some of the things you should expect to get out of this course. It's going to start out as a hodgepodge of Olin Competencies, CS "standard" topics (drawn from CC2001 and ABET's CAC, among other places), and my own personal ideas about what's important and what we'll be doing this semester. Eventually, it will be nicely sorted and coherent. Or not.

Course Expectations

These are the rules. Know them. Don't break them. If you have a problem with them, discuss it with me. They are here to protect both of us. If they're not doing that job, we need to rethink them, but don't ignore them and expect that it will all be OK.

I will make every attempt to give solid mid-term feedback on or before the 33d day of instruction (October 21).


NB: The date of the first exam is particularly tentative; don't assume that we won't hold class on Tues 5 Oct until I've confirmed this.

Course Calendar

This is the template. There's now a CourseCalendar page that will evolve (and doesn't require wading through all of this to find).

Sep 3 (Fr)

Sep 7 (Tu)

Sep 10 (Fr)

Sep 14 (Tu)

First homework likely due

Sep 17 (Fr)

Sep 21 (Tu)

Sep 24 (Fr)

Second homework likely due

Sep 28 (Tu)

Oct 1 (Fr)

Third homework likely due; Possible date for 1st exam

Oct 5 (Tu)

Possible date for 1st exam

Oct 7 (Th)

Career Initiatives Day

Oct 8 (Fr)

No class; Olin Monday

Oct 11 (Mo)

Columbus Day

Oct 12 (Tu)

Oct 15 (Fr)

Oct 19 (Tu)

Oct 22 (Fr)

Oct 23 (Sa)

Family Weekend

Oct 26 (Tu)

Oct 29 (Fr)

Nov 2 (Tu)

No class; Olin Wednesday

Nov 3 (We)

Big Conversations

Nov 5 (Fr)

Nov 9 (Tu)

Nov 12 (Fr)

Likely date for 2d exam

Nov 16 (Tu)

Nov 19 (Fr)

Class runs until 12 noon. Please don't schedule a flight before 3pm

Nov 30 (Tu)

Dec 3 (Fr)

Dec 7 (Tu)

Dec 10 (Fr)

Dec 14 (Tu)

Dec 16-18

Final exam period

There will be a final exam in this class

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