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Katie projects, notes and crud

July 30, 2004: Since I'll no longer be on campus, I put all my code in my webspace on faclin01. Most of the relevant, well-commented stuff should be linked in below and on the wiki; everything "else" is in ~krivard/share.




  1. Fix the website (functionalness and as much content as is reasonable)
    • Update: website is content-functional, BUT we should have some sort of process to keep this from being annoying in the future: Make a build script(so site only updates when you're sure it's good), or make the ccg_site module -i 'cvs update -d /usr/www/html/cognition'

      • No, don't do that -- edit loginfo instead.

focs server

  1. Move this wiki over? ewww...
  2. Figure out what sort of HTML infrastructure we need to do, if any, now, and try not to be too artsy with it.


  1. Writing the interpreter outlined in the SICP book, converted to Common Lisp so I can get brain around the difference between syntax and language and between implemented and implementation.

    • (The Friedman book (Essentials), by the way, is highly readable, even if it is yes a bit too deep for this course. A page or two from the Preface might be a good intro to get students in the mindset for interpreters, though.)
    • Notes
      • env stuff is what controls scoping. Neat!

      • Trouble likes to visit when I can't tell the difference between "You're just making that up" and legitimate Scheme macros/etc. set...! are particularly annoying. Better now that I have the sicp book open to my right, and the ANSI "The Scheme Programming Language" open to my left.

    HA! -- I solved the define vs setf problem from waaaay back in AI-IS:

    ;; Want:
    (newcar '(1 2 3))
    > 1
    ;; Then:
    ;; in Scheme
    (define newcar car)
    ;; in Common Lisp
    (setf (symbol-function 'newcar) (symbol-function 'car))
    • Learned to use step, one of Common Lisp's debugging tools. Highly useful, though takes some getting used to.

    • 7/1/04: I have an interpreter which, as far as I've tested it(not much), functions. I call it "done".


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HTML parsing/ screen scraping

Lex / YACC

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